Green Energy Sustainability


More and more people are looking to understand what Green is all about. The motivation is that global warming is the most significant challenge of our time. It is a complex subject to understand without a lot of research, but that’s where Green Energy Sustainability can help. We specialize in making it easy to understand how to go green and move towards sustainability. We will demystify the solutions for you such as “clean coal”, the electric car, solar energy, and the heat pump.

Best Green Tips

Carbon Diet prioritiesThe Best Going Green Tips on the web are here for you to use so you can understand how to reduce your impact on global warming. These are not just a list of random tips as found on most websites, they are ranked by impact, health, cost, etc. If you agree this is the best green tips resource you have seen, please spread the word.

Carbon Reduction

Individuals and businesses produce carbon dioxide from daily activities such as driving, heating, and the consumption of products and services. Carbon dioxide is the leading greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. To reduce the effects of global warming, we can reduce our carbon output by going on a carbon diet. This diagram illustrates the typical parts of the average carbon footprint. As you can see, transportation is normally the largest portion of a carbon footprint and goods & services is much less.

We hope you find our website is a meaningful resource to go green and we would love to hear your feedback.

The Carbon Diet Team

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